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RLAH Renovations helps homeowners increase their net proceeds!

I have been on many listing appointments where the homeowner laments about the money they have to spend to — not live in their home anymore. An often heard comment is “let the new owners put their money into the house”.  The reality is that even though many buyers today are qualified for their monthly payment, they do not have the cash, nor the desire to renovate a newly purchased home. With interest rates so low, a $50 per month payment covers a $10,000 increase in purchase price. Looking at that from the sellers’ perspective, a $10,000 improvement is going to add great value to my home. And in almost every case, the home will sell much quicker and for more money because “turnkey” is what most buyers are looking for in today’s market.

This program was launched to make the selling process more profitable and less stressful for home owners. Curbio, a technology based renovation company and HomePrep, a seasoned, locally owned contracting company offer “pay at settlement” repairs and renovations. Imagine a $25,000 paint, lighting and flooring upgrade that will improve your bottom line net proceeds by over $30,000. Whether you like it or not, it is time to get rid of wallpaper, carpet and old bathroom vanities. This alliance can help you do that with no upfront costs. Our job, as a team of professionals, is to recommend prudent and tasteful upgrades and then provide you with the comparable home sales that show the future value of your home. 

They have also teamed up with Town & Country Staging to add the finishing touches for your home renovations. A staged home will look better in photos, attract more attention,and bring more visits which will ultimately yield a higher selling price. Through the alliance with Town and Country Staging, the same “pay at settlement” program is in place. 

If you have read my articles in the past, you know I am a big proponent of virtual staging. Virtual staging is free when you have me list your home, shows well in the photos, attracts more attention than a vacant property, but does not provide the real life feel of actual staging when the prospective buyer visits your home. 

Please reach out to talk about these programs and discuss your real estate needs. And please pass on my articles and contact information to your friends.

I am always available to help you move faster to your next home! 

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