Finding it difficult to get out and see homes for sale or rent?

I often find that scheduling to see homes gets in the way of my clients’ daily routine. When I am in a consultation, we will discuss your routine to determine the least disruptive way to squeeze in time to see homes. Then I will ask for you to understand three important facts about the market: 1) we are in a sellers’ market with less than three months inventory 2) have your financing letter and mortgage approval 3) being first in line with an offer is very important.

I can reference three sale transactions this year where I was able to get my clients’ feet in the door first. Our offers arrived first. This timeliness was the difference between moving to a new home vs. being frustrated with the competitive purchase environment and still on the hunt for a home.

Since my job is to know the inventory and homes available, I need to see as many homes as possible in person that might work for you as the client. That is what I do while you are at work. For me that means previewing homes to save you time and energy. If I get to know you well and I can tell a home is not right, then I will let you know. If I preview a home that meets your eight out of ten main criteria for buying, then I will ask that all decision makers clear time to see the home as soon as possible. But what if you are on vacation or have a big work presentation? It is a good thing technology is on our side. As a Realtor, I am definitely celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the iphone. Nothing is changing real estate sales more than apps. We can FaceTime and Skype from anywhere. I can produce a YouTube video, upload it instantly and give you a very realistic sense of a home’s features and neighborhood.

My advice is to know what you don’t want to buy and know what you must have in a home so that when you see the right home, you are ready to make an offer. Always have your financing in order and most importantly, have your phone charged at all times, so when you get my FaceTime message, you are ready to take a tour.

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