Moving as interest rates surge, prices spike, and the pandemic continues on

This past year has yielded a huge spike in home prices and a huge spike in interest rates. As masks are coming off, allowing people in your home or going to open house events still present a Covid risk. If you want to discuss how all these situations are impacting you and you are ready to move faster, let’s talk.


The market has changed since you last bought or sold a home. And the change is fast paced. Buyers have a wealth of information that is easily obtained from public records. The internet has made information available on previous sales, mortgages, and tax records. While there is still an inventory drought and spike in prices, do not take that to mean buyers will overpay fair value for a home.

There is often a fine line in the difference between investing for the buyer versus investing for the seller. Making prudent investments in de-cluttering, painting, flooring, kitchen and bathrooms are top priority. Most homes require radon tests and updated smoke alarms prior to selling. Buyers are interested in the age of roofs, HVAC systems and hot water heaters. They want to protect their investment and know the possible future costs of updating.

Using my systematic method for home valuations I help determine what would be the most profitable renovations. For sellers, I work on an appraisal defense system from the time we price your home to make sure buyers do not come back at appraisal time and request a price reduction. Pricing your home right for maximum value is often the number one goal for sellers. When the objective is selling quickly with no investment, I work with the family to understand their goals and meet their expectations.

Some homes have unique features and require marketing on multiple marketing channles. I utilize Youtube, Google Ads, Waze navigation advertising, Facebook, Instagram and traditional print ads. Take a look at this premium placement for a unique Potomac listing.


For many buyers that I work with, they are buying for the first time in a long time or they might be first time homebuyers. Understanding the search process is important no matter whether you are a Millennial, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, or Baby Boomer.

I like to explain the full range of events that can go right and go wrong for buyers. From multiple offer situations to the inspection, appraisal, financing approval, tax consequences and closing costs, I want you to know your options and manage expectations. I work with every client from contract to closing.


For many people, renting is the best option. Our metro area has a lot of options from single family homes to town homes, condos and multifamily rental buildings to choose. My process of helping people rent a home and to buy is very similar. I will take the time to put together neighborhood searches and visit with you each home that is of interest. While most landlords use standard leases, I will still make sure you understand your responsibilities and your landlord’s responsibilities under the lease and know what to look out for when it comes time to renew or terminate. Getting you comfortable moving to your next home is very important to me.

Let’s work together!

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